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Proudly making the purchase of exotic stone counter tops easier for Colorado & Wyoming! I will bring the showroom to you!

We are  choice for smart shoppers that want to go to a One Stop Shop for all your kitchen & bathroom remodel needs . We are the choice for customers that do not have the time to drive all over Colorado looking for the best deal. At Colorado & Wyoming Granite we do all the leg work for you. You simply show me what you are looking for and I will locate the best quality slabs at my wholesale  cost passing on the savings to you. Why be pressured to buy from a specific showroom when you can have the best options available from all the top showrooms? 99% of the time I am able to get my clients a screaming deals on materials. If you think you only have the budget level/group 1 slabs give me a call and watch me upgrade you several levels for no additional cost. High end slabs at entry level prices. Don't spend a lot of time and gas looking at high prices! We are the one stop shop of one stop shops! Best material, Best fabricators & installers at the Best prices! Give us a call and find out why our customers enjoy working with us so much! We're available 7 days a week to make it easy!

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