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Why Use Granite for Kitchen Countertops? Granite is one of the hardest materials, harder than steel, and therefore, steel knives cannot scratch the granite surface. Granite, due to its hardness, resists wear and tear very well and retains its polished quality for a long time. Granite has very low water absorption resulting in high stain resistance than can be further improved by treating granite with impregnating stone sealers.


Granite retains its properties for a long time with very little maintenance and can be enjoyed for a long time. Granite is a natural material and not man-made like style-stone or other so called engineered stones. It is obvious by looking at man-made materials that they are designed and composed by an industrial process. They may look unique now, but with time new materials will be created by technology and man-made materials will look dated with time. Natural stones like granite will never look outdated, but with time they will look even more beautiful!


Benefits of Custom Granite Counter Tops

  • Extremely Durable: Second in hardness only to diamonds, granite is an extremely durable surface. With normal use, you cannot break or chip granite.

  • Heat Resistant: Unlike synthetic counter tops, granite can withstand a hot dish right from the oven.

  • Stain Resistant: By its nature, granite is extremely dense and excellent at repelling stains.

  • Scratch and Fade Resistant: The finish on granite is polished with diamonds. With normal, everyday use, your granite counter top will last for years.


Natural granite is available in hundreds of colors and patterns.


Purchasing wholesale granite is one of the best ways of saving money when using granite for any project. Quarried directly from the rockbed, granite is ideal for use in counter tops, flooring, exterior landscaping and any other applications that require a durable and aesthetically pleasing stone. Granite is one of the hardest substances in the world, second only to diamonds, it will not be damaged by scratching and scuffing.


Granite is formed deep within the earth when pressure forces liquid magma in between rocks, fusing the magma with other elements such as mica, feldspar and quartz as it cools. Over the centuries, this process creates granites incredibly hard surface. Once it is unearthed and finally quarried, it is cut into large blocks and then cut again into smaller blocks using water-cooled  wire saws. After being cut into slabs, the granite is then polished on one side and gauged (cutting the edges into 90 degree angles). Finally, the granite is calibrated to ensure that the back of each slab is even and consistent.


Wholesale granite comes in a myriad of colors depending on the minerals and composition present in the stone. Every slab of granite is unique which ensures an original look no matter how it is used.  Wholesale granite has become increasingly popular for use as a building material, generally used in high-end construction.


Wholesale Granite Will Save You Money. When purchasing granite slabs, wholesale will ensure the best price and give you the freedom to choose the ideal slab for your home or project. This also provides you the peace of mind that the slabs will match as they have all come from the same location. As granite can vary greatly, it is very important to have even-patterned and even-colored pieces if you want your project to have continuity. Having a large batch of granite it the best way to ensure consistency and this can only be done by purchasing wholesale granite.


In the long run, wholesale granite will save you money. With more pieces to choose from, you will be able to inspect each individual slab for blemishes or inconsistencies. You will not have to wait for a manufacturer to replace the granite or settle for other pieces which will not match. Wholesale granite makes the most sense economically because the price per slab will be lower than those from a manufacturer.


No matter what your project, if you require a hard and durable stone, granite is the best choice. And buying granite wholesale is the best way to go if you want to save money, time and make sure your project looks as good as possible. 



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