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Why buy from us?

Who we are?

We are Exotic Stone Fabricators (granite, marble, quartz etc.) as well as Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Contractors.


What we do?

We specialize in fabricating and installing beautiful Exotic Stone Counter-tops. We work with any type of stone including granite, quartz, marble etc. We also provide Kitchen & Bathroom remodel services. We can do anything in a remodel but major electrical & major plumbing.


Colorado & Wyoming Granite vs The Big Box Stores/Retailers

We are a fabrication shop not a retailer. We cut out the middle man by taking you straight to the source. The big box stores purchase their granite, quartz, or marble from the same wholesalers that we do BUT it is part of the big box stores business model to turn around and sale you the material with a retail mark up. So not only will you get your Exotic Stone at wholesale cost making your dollar stretch much further but we find specials and screaming deals for our customers even at wholesale. Our suppliers cannot sell to the public so we actively work with them to help move inventory that is put on clearance to make more room for new inventory. The experience and product you get shopping with us versus anyone else will be night and day just check out our reviews.


The Proof

Our substantial amount of reviews speak for us. See what other customers have to say about the experience:

Best Denver Counter-tops 2015 & 2016

Granite countertop kitchen remodel
Invisible Blue marble
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